Surgical PRF

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment is a great addition to modern dentistry.  PRF treatment involves a simple blood donation from your arm during your dental surgical procedure.  The blood is cenrifuged to separate out its various components and used during your dental surgery.  Parts of the blood could be added to a bone graft or implant treatment to promote bone growth whereas other parts may be used as natural band-Aids during surgery. 

The PRF treatments have the added benefit of occupying space in bony holes (tooth extraction sites, implant surgical sites) to prevent gum tissue from growing into bone.  PRF can prevent infection with a lot of white blood cells in the PRF and bone growth factors such as BMP (bone morphogenic protein) promote rapid growth of high quality new bone tissue.

Dr. Siwoski is a big supporter of PRF procedures for dental implants, bone grafting and oral maxillofacial surgery.