Hybrid Dentures

Traditional dentures are a lifestyle change from having teeth attached to the jaw.  New denture wearers generally complain of dentures being uncomfortable and loose.  They find that they can’t chew certain foods and that their taste is affected.  Luckily, with implant technology, a denture can be comfortable and stable.  There are two general types of implant hybrid dentures: Removable or Fixed

Removable Hybrid Dentures

Removable Hybrid Dentures are made from acrylic material (similar to traditonal dentures) and rest on implant abutments.  No more sore spots under a denture.  The advantage of removable hybrid dentures is cleansability.  Patients can remove the prosthesis and clean it and soak it outside the mouth.  The abutments improve the retention of the denture allowing care -free chewing of all foods.  As the support is primarily implant based, the denture can be made to be as small and sleek as possible to prevent unnecesssary coverage of taste areas of the mouth. 

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Fixed Hybrid Dentures can be made from two main materials: Acrylic (Similar to traditional dentures) or Zirconia (Porcelain-like).  No more sore spots under a denture.  The advantage of fixed hybrid dentures is permanent retention.  The fixed hybrid denture is in the top tier of care for a patient missing all their teeth and wanting something much more similar to their natural teeth. The implant prosthesis is fixed, or screwed into placed, and isn’t taken out by the patient.  It can only be removed by the doctor if needed.  Generally, we recommend removal every 1-2 yrs depending on a patients ability to adequate cleanse underneath the prosthesis.  This is a truly amazing restoration that is perfect for someone who does not like the idea of taking a denture in and out of their mouth.