Meet the Dentists

At Siwoski Dental our dental philosophy is quite simple; eliminate dental disease and restore your teeth to their original condition using the latest in dental technologies. We truly believe that oral health is an extension of an individual’s overall health and it is important to maintain a disease free body. We approach every treatment recommendation with a “what would I do if this was me” philosophy.

Dental treatment can be a stressful situation. Both Dr. Siwoski and Dr. Baird strive to create a positive experience for all patients and we nurture those patients that need extra TLC to overcome their dental anxiety. We appreciate that sedative medications are an effective adjunct to dental treatment.

We educate our patients about their dental condition and our technologically advanced dental clinic allows us to present treatment options through 3D computerized images and digital X-rays. You will find our office to be a great choice whether you need a simple dental cleaning or a full mouth rehabilitation.

We look forward to seeing you at your next dental appointment.

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