What new methods are available to prevent tooth decay?

Several new treatments are now available. We have used many of the newest techniques under development and have found the most effective ones and implemented them into our daily practice.

  • Sealants are a thin plastic coating that are painted on the deep grooves of the back teeth to prevent tooth decay. Typically they are placed on all the newly erupted teeth of all the children in the practice. Adults , without decay or fillings can also benefit from sealants.
    We try to be very selective about what and how we seal so we can anticipate these restorations lasting 10 to 20 years, but they need to be checked for chipping or wearing at regular dental check-ups.
  • Preventive Resins are one of the latest breakthroughs that can restore existing teeth with minimal preparation We often use Air Abrasion or a drill-less dentistry or the new fissurotomy burs to accomplish these restorations. They are fantastic restorations for removing minimal amounts of decay without having to freeze the patient. We also love these restorations because they allow us to preserve natural tooth structure and provide the patient with a restoration that will last for years and years.