Has anything been done to improve the dreaded root canal?

Yes, as a matter of fact we have done a lot to improve the way root canals are done in our office. Dr. Siwoski loves new technology and there is no better place to find it than the new advances in this field.

Faster more comfortable and better results are now available. How?

  • The Root Z/X, a small computer that measures the distances inside your tooth provides more accurate results, fewer x-rays and faster treatment time.
  • Rotary nickel titanium instruments are composed of an incredibly flexible metal that is extremely elastic and yet strong that allows us to quickly negotiate very curved teeth safely and effectively.
  • Computer assisted drill? Yes in order to use these specialized instruments a hand piece has been developed that reduces torque for certain conditions and will actually reverse itself automatically when that torque has been exceeded. It also is specifically calibrated to speeds designed for these instruments. This allows us to work with these instruments safely and effectively.
  • Thermoplastic Obturation System? The staff may think I just bought this for the fancy name, but it sure works! The filling stage of a root canal that may have taken me 40 minutes is now reduced by as much as 75% and that’s not even the best part. The results are better more consistent and predictable.

All in all these new technologies, extra training at specialized courses have allowed us to make root canals a routine, predictable and pleasant experience.