What new methods are available to prevent tooth decay?

Several new treatments are now available. We have used many of the newest techniques under development and have found the most effective ones and implemented them into our daily practice.

  • Sealants are a thin plastic coating that are painted on the deep grooves of the back teeth to prevent tooth decay. Typically they are placed on all the newly erupted teeth of all the children in the practice. Adults , without decay or fillings can also benefit from sealants.
    We try to be very selective about what and how we seal so we can anticipate these restorations lasting 10 to 20 years, but they need to be checked for chipping or wearing at regular dental check-ups.
  • Preventive Resins are one of the latest breakthroughs that can restore existing teeth with minimal preparation We often use Air Abrasion or a drill-less dentistry or the new fissurotomy burs to accomplish these restorations. They are fantastic restorations for removing minimal amounts of decay without having to freeze the patient. We also love these restorations because they allow us to preserve natural tooth structure and provide the patient with a restoration that will last for years and years.

Has anything been done to improve the dreaded root canal?

Yes, as a matter of fact we have done a lot to improve the way root canals are done in our office. Dr. Siwoski loves new technology and there is no better place to find it than the new advances in this field.

Faster more comfortable and better results are now available. How?

  • The Root Z/X, a small computer that measures the distances inside your tooth provides more accurate results, fewer x-rays and faster treatment time.
  • Rotary nickel titanium instruments are composed of an incredibly flexible metal that is extremely elastic and yet strong that allows us to quickly negotiate very curved teeth safely and effectively.
  • Computer assisted drill? Yes in order to use these specialized instruments a hand piece has been developed that reduces torque for certain conditions and will actually reverse itself automatically when that torque has been exceeded. It also is specifically calibrated to speeds designed for these instruments. This allows us to work with these instruments safely and effectively.
  • Thermoplastic Obturation System? The staff may think I just bought this for the fancy name, but it sure works! The filling stage of a root canal that may have taken me 40 minutes is now reduced by as much as 75% and that's not even the best part. The results are better more consistent and predictable.

All in all these new technologies, extra training at specialized courses have allowed us to make root canals a routine, predictable and pleasant experience.

What is a smart filling?

Some of the media has used the term to describe our new dental filling materials that help prevent decay not only in the tooth that they are placed in but also in the surrounding area. This material works by releasing fluoride and therefore preventing decay. We routinely use two types:

  1. “Fuji XI Extra” is especially useful for patients that have extremely high decay rates, and those with an inability to properly brush.
  2. “Dyract” is white filling material that is great for kids we use it all the time and it gives us fantastic results.

How do whitening toothpastes work and how effective are they at whitening teeth?

All toothpastes help remove stains. Whitening toothpastes can help remove surface stains only and do not contain bleach. These products will help to maintain your existing color but do not effectively whiten your teeth. However recent products are becoming more effective.

What about whitening strips and whiting gels?

Both of these products contain peroxide the same product that is used in our in office bleaching systems, but at a much lower concentration. These products will allow you to see some improvement in shading but not nearly to the degree you will receive from the more powerful products we have available in our in office bleaching system. These do work very well and we do see amazing results on a routine basis.

Is bleaching safe?

Yes! bleaching is safe and very effective when it is properly supervised and trays or strips are properly designed and utilized. Some sensitivity is occasionally noticed for some patients but this is temporary as long as proper modification to the bleaching protocol is made.

I’m interested in changing the shape of my teeth. What are my options?

Several different options are available to change the shape of teeth, make them look longer, close spaces between teeth, or repair chipped or cracked teeth. Among those options are Bonding, Crowns, Veneers and recontouring. Choosing the option that is right for you is one of our most important consideration in order to give you that perfect smile.

  1. Reshaping or Recontouring: This method can be one of the simplest ways to make a dramatic improvement to your smile. Sometimes the visual edge of the smile has cracks, chips or irregularities that can be adjusted in just the right way to make a smile so - so smile become a great smile.
  2. Bonding: This technique can be used in combination with reshaping and recontouring to create some incredible results. Dr. Siwoski loves bonding because it feels as though it brings out the artist in him. In bonding we use the latest composites to sculpt teeth in a freeform technique. It is not as durable as veneers but it is also not as costly and it can all be done in one appointment often without freezing. Bonding is also covered by most dental plans.
  3. Veneers : This is probably the ultimate aesthetic results that we have available in dentistry today. With veneers we can alter almost any situation to give you that perfect smile. Veneers are a thin porcelain facing that wraps around the front surface of the teeth.
  4. Crowns: If you have existing large restorations or have extensive decay present in your teeth structurally a crown may be your best option. A crown encases the entire tooth and restoration to provide the best protection and structural strength. Crowns can be made entirely of gold, porcelain or a combination of both. We can help you to select the restoration that is best for you and your tooth.

What causes bad breath?

We first recommend to check your home care. Are you brushing your tongue and the soft tissues around your teeth? Are you flossing your teeth properly or deep enough? If your homecare is good perhaps it is caused by medications that you are taking. Have you had your teeth checked for decay recently? We recommend that if you suffer from bad breath start with rinsing with Listerine which will kill bad breath bacteria. We also recommend having your teeth cleaned regularly to remove debris that your toothbrush cannot reach or to address any decay that may be present. If you continue to have bad breath speak to the dentist to check if there are other reasons that should be addressed.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

There are so many different ways we put your safety first: using gloves, masks and glasses; ensuring sterilization and disinfection of all instruments and counters; testing our sterilizer monthly to make sure it meets the up to date standards and more. Each room is cleaned between patients and all proper sterilization procedures are carried out and monitored in meticulous fashion. Rest easy at Dr. Siwoski’s practice - we are taking care of you probably better than you will ever know!

What methods of payments do you accept?

We prefer our clients to make payments when services are rendered. We accept payment of services with MasterCard, Visa, Debit and payments on line. Internet payments can be made through most major banks if you have it set up on your account. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office. Of course we also accept cheques and cash for payments as well.

Dr. Siwoski does accept assignment of benefits from dental plans that allow it. Our staff has spent many hours trying to keep on top of the many ever changing dental insurance policies. Our financial staff do find it very beneficial if you bring your dental benefits booklet with you to your first appointment. It is also important to bring any information that you may have received to your appointments if your insurance policy has made changes.

Payment plans: For payment of larger accounts we can set up a payment schedule for between 3 - 4 months. You may take care of your account with post dated cheques, pre authorized Visa or MasterCard. This service is usually reserved for our long-term patients - please discuss this with our financial staff.

What makes our practice worth visiting?

Our number one goal is for you to have a great visit to our office and ensure that you want to come back and see us again. We pride ourselves on our up to date equipment and knowledge; that is one aspect of our office that we are sure you will agree is our strong point.

We have the latest in extremely low dose digital x-ray. We have the first full arch CT scan that is available in the North Okanagan. This allows for more accurate placement of dental implants and safer placement when working around critical anatomical structures. In many cases this allows for much easier healing times as implants can be placed with a flap-less procedure accurately and precisely.

We have a great atmosphere! We feel that the care and compassion that we deliver even to our most nervous patients will stand out and we hope that we can even get you laughing at some point before you leave. We also offer our famous massage chair in our waiting room. Our existing patients are almost insisting that we book appointments to visit our chair as well as come for their dentistry. You will find that a great massage will relax you before we see you to take care of your dental needs.

Come in and meet the staff and see what you have been missing.